3G SDI Hum Eliminators

   Our 3G-SDI Hum eliminators reduce jitter caused by induced noise effects for the High Definition broadcast chain. Unstable signal sources, poor re-clocking systems and cable attenuation can be the demise of digital signals. 3G-SDI Serial Digital signal transmissions at 2.970Gbps over a cable contain a range of low to high frequencies like analog signals and are subject to analog-type distortions like induced noise as well as unique digital distortions related to sampling and quantizing. These distortions may result in a variety of visible impairments. Unlike analog signals, the digital signals do not degrade gracefully and are subject to a cliff effect. Using the Allen Avionics 3G-SDI Hum Eliminator you can eliminate the potential for this kind of data loss, see Outgoing Video. The model 3G-SDI Hum Eliminator supports the four transmission rates up to 2.970Gbps and supports SMPTE 424m.  

3G-SDI Ground Loop Eliminators Data Sheet 2021.pdf

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Number of Channels


Return Loss



3G-SDI-113 GHz> 15dB to 3.0 GHzBNCPainted Metal Case
3G-SDI-333.0 GHz> 15dB to 3.0 GHzBNCPainted Metal Case
3G-SDI-3R33.0 GHz> 15dB to 3.0 GHzBNC1u Rack
3G-SDI-553.0 GHz> 15dB to 3.0 GHzBNCPainted Metal Case
3G-SDI-5R53.0 GHz> 15dB to 3.0 GHzBNC1u Rack