Commitment to Quality

Since Avionics early days, our products have been designed to not only work in some of the most rugged environments, but to continue working for years and years. When Star purchased Allen Avionics in 2017, we expanded on our commitment to quality to the Avionics Division.  As we have re-started the production of many of the Avionics prodiucts at Star, we have had to go back through a portion of the learning curve. We have made some mistakes, but are attacking the root causes of quality problems from all sides.  We started by purchasing some new production equipment.  With our use of Lean for improved set-up, continuous improvement and occasional Kaizen events, we have further improved our processes, our quality and our costs in order to hold the line on prices.  We have leaned on some of the key personnel from Allen Avionics including Jim Lyons to help provide training and continuity in engineering, production and customer service.