Product Details HD - Hum Eliminators


A 3 channel ground loop eliminator for High Definition Broadcasting

High frequency ground loop eliminator designed for use with High Definition Broadcast chains.  These HD-SDI ground loop eliminators can be used for signal transmissions at 1.485Gbps over a cable contain a range of low to high frequencies.  The HD-SDI Ground Loop Eliminator supports the four transmission rates of SMPTE 259m and SMPTE 292m 1.485Gbps HD SDI.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Number of inputs: 3 Isolated Channels
Connector: BNC per IEC60169-8
Impedance: 75 Ohms Unbalanced
Ground loop isolation: Greater than 60dB
Bandwidth: 3.0 GHz
Return Loss: Greater than 15dB to 1.5GHz
Package: Cast Aluminum Case
Approx. Weight: 9 LBS
Serial Video Input: Supports all transmission rates of SMPTE259m and SMPTE292m. Up to1.50 Gbps HD SDI.