Product Details Offset Marking Machine Inks


High temp 1 part ink for glass, metal and other non-porous surfaces

This ink is a very slow-drying, heat-curing, semi-paste ink for use on all open ink plate marking machines for direct or offset printing. White or Black color inks are available in 4 fluid ounce tubes. Other colors are available on special order. The recommended materials to mark include thermal-setting epoxies, metals, glass, neoprene, phenolic, polyester and other non-porous surfaces. After proper curing, HT175 will exhibit superior adhesion, excellent resistance to abrasion and to solvents such as acetone, alcohol, freon and all other flux- removing solvents. HT175 Ink must be heat cured at a minimum temperature of 175F (80C) for 4 hours. Lower temperatures will not provide a complete cure.