Product Details Video Isolation Transformers


In-line Video Isolation Transformer up to 6.0 GHz to eliminate hum and protect equipment against voltage surges

ISO-6G-SDI is a Video Isolator for eliminating hum in 6G / Ultra High Definition Serial Digital Transmission Lines. This can be used for Broadcast Systems where hum is present due to ground loops or where there are large differences in ground potential. This device provides electrical isolation between the Input and Output and will also eliminate induced currents in long cable runs.


  • Supports all transmission rates of SMPTE259m and SMPTE292m up to 6.0Gbps HD-SDI Video Input
  •  Equivalent to less than 20 feet of cable
  •  Isolated Signal Path
  •  Greater than 60 dB of Ground Loop Isolation
  •  Passive Device – No power required
  •  Small Cylindrical Package with Gold BNC Connectors for better response
  •  75 Ohms Balanced with 3.0 GHz Bandwidth
  •  Greater than 15 dB Return Loss till 1.50 GHz
  •  2 kV flash tested