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High Performance High Pass Filters

HPS line of High Performance High Pass Filters with quick availability

Allen Avionics designs and manufacturers High pass filters using Chebyshev and Elliptical algorithms. They are designed to attenuate the fundamental frequency a minimum of 95 dB and pass all higher harmonics.  They are designed using the specifications and techniques that work for most precision signal conditioning high performance testing applications. In a typical application they are used to enhance the performance of all test generators and signal sources used in testing A to D, D to A converters, amplifiers and other electronic components. They improve selectivity and dynamic range of all spectrum analyzers for harmonic distortion and intermodulation measurements. Allen Avionics filter enclosures are supplied in shielded metal cases to provide the best insulation against unwanted external signals. The enclosures are then painted and laser etched to provide part Identification of the filter inside along with other pertinent information. Key parameters of these filters are:

Frequency Range: 1 KHz to 500 MHz

Impedance: 50 ohms

Maximum Insertion Loss: 1 dB

Maximum Ripple: 0.25 dB