Product Details HEC - Hum Eliminators


A single channel hum eliminator for Broadcast quality applications in a high impact metal enclosure with BNC covers and chains designed for vertical mounting

Broadcast quality hum eliminators designed to eliminate hum and other interference in video lines up to 30MHz. Perfect for all RGB applications. 

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Impedance (Ohms): 75 Ohms Unbalanced
Insertion Loss: .2 dB max.
Return Loss: 20 dB min.
Bandwidth: DC to 30 MHz., 0.75 dB @ 10 MHz., 1.20 dB @ 20 MHz., 1.50 dB @ 30 MHz.
Hum Reduction: 60 dB for 50 Hz or 60 Hz. hum, depending on system
Isolation Between Channels (Typical): N/A
Package: Die Cast Metal
Mounting: Four (4) 6-32 x 1/2" Inserts
Dimensions: ht. x width x depth: 4-11/16" x 3-11/16" x 2-1/16"
Weight: 3-1/2 lbs.